When hitler signs up for your lead magnet…

This week was rather funny, as we had Adolf Hitler sign up to out email list! He was trying to download our “Build your list in 78 Minutes or less eBook”!

Whenever someone joins our email list, I typically set up email notifications so that I know about any flurries of activity with my list building.

This is the screenshot of the actual email notification that I received, except that I’ve hidden the IP address for privacy reasons.

Hitler's Contact Record

Now clearly this isn’t really Hitler. I know that. However, it demonstrates that when building your list, you will have people entering fake contact details just to get your lead magnet.

If you think about it, what reasons might someone use fake details to get your lead magnet?

  • They could be a competitor, spying on what you’re doing without revealing themselves.
  • They could be someone who does not like receiving marketing emails
  • They could be someone who is just being nosey, but doesn’t want to commit.

We’re not in business to please everyone, we’re in business to earn a living. Building your list is fundamental part of growing trust and finding your next customers. If someone isn’t happy to share their real email address for an eBook or video series, what’s the likelihood they’ll become a customer? Pretty low I think.

A lead magnet (that requires a user to opt-in) can be a simple little filter to weed out the individuals who are not willing to commit, even a little.

That’s why I recommend that you do not put your lead magnet on your thank you page.

In fairness, there are even better reasons why you’d use your ‘Thank you’ page for something even better than your lead magnet, but that’s something I’ll cover another time.

Oh, and I traced the IP address of ‘Hitler’ for a little fun.

Guess where in the world that IP address is located? Yup!

Hitler's Location