We are constantly busy adding new features to the toolkit, which keeps us really busy. Below, you can see what we’ve added recently.

November 2017

  • New Feature – The new form builder tool for forms and popups has been added. Already working with ActiveCampaign and Infusionsoft, more CRMs to follow soon!


October 2017

  • Bug Fix – Fixed bug with newly cloned videos not working correctly
  • Bug Fix – Fixed bug with cloned columns not being able to accept new tools as soon as they’ve been cloned.


June 2017

  • New Feature Under Test – We’ve uploaded the new Forms Wizard Tool, which is being tested.


June 2016

  • Library Update – We’ve updated the system to use the latest version of Font Awesome, which displays icons throughout the website. This is so that we can introduce icons into the landing page editor.
  • Tweak – Titles, Subtitles, Text boxes and Lists now use a default colour of #222, which is a very dark grey (almost black).
  • Tweak – All font and icon select boxes now show a preview of what you’ve selected. e.g. If you’ve selected a font, then the select box now shows a preview of that font where it didn’t previously.


May 2016

  • New Feature – You can now easily access all of your previous receipts, as well as update your billing information from the User Billing page within your account.


August 2015

  • Site Migration – We’ve separated the toolkit website and the application into www.squeezepagetoolkit.com and app.squeezepagetoolkit.com respectively.
  • New Feature – We’ve added the new SendMeDetails.com domain, to replace the username.SqueezePageToolkit.com domain for your squeeze pages and landing pages.
  • New Feature – You can now clone a tool from one page to another


June 2015

  • New Feature – You can now choose custom colours for buttons used in the toolkit
  • New Feature – The beta version of the easy customer referral form has been added.


May 2015

  • New Feature – We’ve added popup opt-in forms that can be used on your website to collect leads.


September 2014

  • New Feature – You can now choose which URL the social media buttons or Facebook comments relate to.
  • New Feature – We’ve now improved the Facebook meta data fields, allowing you to customise descriptions and titles more easily.
  • New Feature – We’ve added a ‘Clone’ tool to allow you to clone any tool you’ve created.
  • Tweak – We’ve extended the length of application name for Infusionsoft to allow for custom application names.