When using the WordPress plugin, where is my squeeze page hosted?

The squeeze page content is stored on the toolkit servers, and fetched to show on your WordPress-website on demand. However, the WordPress plugin currently caches the content within your WordPress website for 12 hours, to make it load more quickly for your visitors when you get lots of visitors all at once.

When the user fills in their details, the submission side of things is handled by the toolkit centrally, before the user is redirected to a thank you page on your website (or another link if you’ve chosen that in the toolkit).

You always change your page in the toolkit. Currently, if you change a page in the toolkit, you’ll need to wait 12 hours for the cache to flush on your WordPress website. Or you can just re-save the page in WordPress to clear the cache to show changes immediately.

You can also manually force the squeeze page within your WordPress website to be updated by clicking on ‘Squeeze Pages‘ in the dashboard menu, and then ‘Clear Page Cache‘. This is also called flushing the cache.