Setting up MailChimp

The content below is latest guide for setting MailChimp with the Squeeze Page Toolkit using the Form Builder. Last updated 13th May 2019.

How does the Squeeze Page Toolkit work with MailChimp?

Once the toolkit has access to your MailChimp account, it will automatically fetch the Subscriber Lists you’ve created in MailChimp. You then use the Form Builder to send leads to your MailChimp list.

How do I set up MailChimp with the toolkit?

  1. Tell the toolkit your MailChimp API details, which allows the toolkit to talk to MailChimp automatically.
  2. Create a form in your landing page or in your popup using the Form Builder (full Form Builder instructions are here

1) Finding the MailChimp API details and getting the toolkit talking to MailChimp

a) The MailChimp documentation takes you through finding and generating your API details.

b) Once you have your API key, you need to enter your API key (e.g. 9f559dac06cb075f901127d19e362b83-us1) into the toolkit integration page for MailChimp.

c) Then click ‘Save Details‘.



2) Create a form in your landing page or popup

a) Create a form with the Form Builder, adding basic fields such as Email address and Name.


b) Having selected the ‘MailChimp Integration‘, and the Target MailChimp List you want to send new subscribers to, match the fields on your form to the equivalent fields or custom fields in MailChimp (i.e. where you want the data to go within MailChimp).


c) (Optional) If you wish to add new subscribers to a specific group within MailChimp (this is how you can segment people into different groups within your list if you wish), then you can optionally set up a new ‘Audience Group’ in MailChimp and then use the ‘Behaviour Rules’ in the form builder to send people into that group.

This step is completely optional, and you don’t need to add this if you don’t need it.

This is how you create a New Audience Group in MailChimp. I recommend using ‘Hidden‘ groups so that subscribers aren’t seeing how you’re segmenting them.

This is what the groups look like for this list:

And then once set up in the form builder:


d) That’s it, just click on ‘Close & Update‘, save the changes to your page or popup, and you’re done.