Setting up InTouch CRM

How does the Squeeze Page Toolkit work with InTouch CRM?

Unfortunately there’s no automatic way to fetch your forms from InTouch CRM, as you need to manually copy and paste your web form into an ActionSet from InTouch CRM.

If this changes, we’ll update the toolkit and this documentation accordingly.

How do I set up InTouch CRM with the toolkit?

  1. Enable InTouch CRM support in the toolkit.
  2. Sign in to your InTouch CRM account and create your Signup Form. Copy the ‘Manual Form‘ source code into your clipboard.
  3. Create an ActionSet, and then copy and paste in the code into the settings for that ActionSet.

Then you can create a squeeze page in the usual way. When you add an opt-in form, choose which ActionSet you want to use for that opt-in form.

1) Enable support for InTouch CRM

a) Enable support for InTouch CRM in the InTouch CRM Integrations tab.



2) Create your Signup Form form

a) Go into your InTouch CRM account, and click on ‘Automation’ (in the navigationĀ of the page), and then ‘Web Forms‘.

b) Create a new form ‘Create Web Form‘ if you don’t have one already.

c) Once you have a form with the fields you’d like to use, click on ‘View Form‘ button.


Setting up InTouch - Step 1


d) Next we need to see the code for the ‘Raw‘ version of the form (the version with no styling on it).

Setting up InTouch - Step 2


e) Then select all of the code under the ‘Manual Form‘ heading, and copy it to the clipboard. (You’ll select this using the mouse, and right-click ‘Copy’ into the clipboard. You can also use Ctrl-C on the keyboard once the code has been selected.


Setting up InTouch - Step 3


3) Creating an ActionSet for the InTouch CRM form

a) Back in the toolkit, create your action set by going to Action Sets and clicking on ‘Create a new action Ā»

b) Specify a name for the ActionSet, this can be anything you like.

c) Paste in the code you copied from InTouch CRM for your form into the code box. (Right-click with the mouse inside the box, and click ‘Paste’ or press Ctrl-V on your keyboard once you’ve clicked inside the code box.

d) Then click ‘Save Details‘.