Setting up AllClients

How does the Squeeze Page Toolkit work with AllClients?

Once the toolkit has access to your AllClients account, it will automatically fetch the Landing Pages you’ve created in AllClients. The toolkit automatically removes any formatting from the form when it’s shown on a squeeze page.

When you create a squeeze page with the toolkit, the opt-in form is a representation of your Landing Page, so any data that’s entered by a visitor will be automatically sent to AllClients into that Landing Page.

This allows you to set up various actions for that landing page in AllClients, allowing you to control what happens with that visitors details.

Landing Pages Design – not needed.

You do not need to design or format the Landing pages in AllClients, as the toolkit removes any formatting. Just add the fields to the form that collect the data that you are interested in.

How do I set up AllClients with the toolkit?

  1. Tell the toolkit your AllClients API details, which allows the toolkit to talk to AllClients automatically.
  2. Create an ActionSet, which is where you choose which Landing Page you want the squeeze page to send your visitor’s details.

Then you can create a squeeze page in the usual way. When you add an opt-in form, choose which ActionSet you want to use for that opt-in form.

1) Finding the AllClients API details and getting the toolkit talking to AllClients

a) The AllClients documentation takes you through finding and generating your API details.

b) Once you have your API key, you need to enter your Account ID (e.g. 12345) and your API key (e.g. 24679AA421F0FB02D1C24452CEE4ECC4) into the toolkit integration page for AllClients.

c) Then click ‘ Save Details‘.



2) Creating an ActionSet for an AllClients Landing Page

a) Specify a name for the ActionSet, this can be anything you like.

b) Choose the AllClients integration, and then choose which Landing Page you want to send the visitor’s data to.

c) Then click ‘ Save Details‘.