Renaming the name of the Facebook Tab for a toolkit page

This quick tutorial shows you how to rename the tab name when adding a toolkit page to Facebook. (Quick note: Facebook do update their interface every 6 months or so, therefore please let us know if this page is incorrect)

Step 1) Add the page to your Facebook page as usual

Step 2) Find the ‘Settings‘ tab at the top of your Facebook page and click on it.



Step 3) Click on ‘Apps‘ in the left menu, and then ‘Edit Settings‘ for the Squeeze Page Toolkit.



4) Enter a custom tab name, and click Save



5) That’s it for renaming the page. If you want to change where the tab appears (as the tab names need to be fairly short), then go back to your Facebook page. And click on ‘More‘ and ‘Manage Tabs‘.



6) And then drag the items around to reorder them.