Adding a Paypal Payment button to your Sales Page

When creating a sales page, you’ll need a way for visitors to pay you. You can use a more complete shopping cart system, or you can keep things simple by allowing payment with a Paypal payment button. This tutorial shows you how to use Paypal as the payment option on your Squeeze Page Toolkit sales page.

The solution we use here is to use Paypal to create a button hosted on their servers, rather than using the complex HTML that they provide.


1) In Paypal, log in, and go to the tools menu.

(Paypal do change their design regularly, but this is where the section is currently located).

Paypal Hosted Buttons - Menu


2) Choose an option to create a button

Follow any instructions that lead to you Create new Button (or another button/link that says something very similar).

Paypal Hosted Buttons - Create Button


3) Set your price and product name

Adjust and configure the payment details as much as you would like. The 3 arrows below indicate the minimum parts of the button that you’ll need to customise.

Paypal Hosted Buttons - Adding Payment Details


4) Generate your button…

Find the Create Button button to create the code for your purchasing button.

Paypal Hosted Buttons - Generate Button


5) Get the Email link for your button…

This link version of the Paypal button means things are really simple, and that’s all you need to make your payment button work with the toolkit. So we need to copy that link into the clipboard (select the link text, right-click with the mouse, and then click on the ‘Copy’ item in the context menu).

Paypal Hosted Buttons - The Generated Link


6) Finally, use the link in the toolkit

Now paste the complete URL into the settings when editing a button tool within the toolkit. (Right-click with the mouse, and click on the ‘Paste’ item in the context menu).

Paypal Hosted Buttons - Updating the toolkit