I’m getting 404 errors when trying to view my Squeeze Pages in WordPress

There are a few WordPress websites that seem to misbehave, meaning that pages cannot be viewed. Ensure that you’ve done the following first:

    1. Ensure you select a permalink setting other than ‘Default’
    2. Re-save (a.k.a Update Your Permalinks) – by clicking on the ‘Save Settings’ button in ‘Settings‘ -> ‘Permalinks


Other issues that might be causing problems:

        • Ensure that you don’t have any other landing page or squeeze page plugin activated on your website.

Enabling Compatibility Mode

If you are still not having any luck with getting your squeeze pages to show up on your WordPress website, then you can use the following bit of code. Copy this code into your theme’s functions.php, and then update your permalinks. Your URLs will then have the word ‘offer’ in the URL.  If you know what you are doing, you are welcome to change ‘offer’ to any other single word that you like.

So your URLs will become: http://www.yourwebsite.com/offer/your-squeeze-page rather than http://www.yourwebsite.com/your-squeeze-page


* Function used to override URLs for the Squeeze Page Toolit for WP. If URLs like these

* do not work:

* http://www.yourwebsite.com/your-squeeze-page


* (Assuming you've selected any permalink structure other than 'Default'. You need to select

* a permalink structure other than 'Default' for this to work correctly.).


* 1) Then copy this function into your theme's functions.php, and keep it there.

* 2) and then update your permalinks (just click 'Save Settings').


* The URLs will become like this:

* http://www.yourwebsite.com/offer/your-squeeze-page


* If you want to change 'offer' to something else, then do so. It will change ALL of the

* URLs for your squeeze pages. You must update your permalinks each time you make a change.



function SPTK_compatibility_url_override($urlOverrideString)


return 'offer';


add_filter('sptk_compatibility_url_override', 'SPTK_compatibility_url_override', 10, 1);