How do you convince someone to sign up to your database?

It’s all well and good creating a squeeze page, but you need to encourage people to sign up, so that you can build your database.

You probably already know that the best way to encourage somebody to sign up to your list/database is by offering an incentive (also called a lead magnet, or an ethical bribe).

Traditionally, some kind of ebook has been offered as an ethical bribe. However, ebooks have become a bit clich├ęd, as everyone seems to offer an ebook as a lead magnet.

As a result, an ebook might not be convincing enough for someone to share their details, unless the ebook is of sufficiently high value. To give you some ideas on lead magnets, I’ve written an ebook (that you don’t need to opt-in to get!!).

Download: How to Quickly Create Incentives That Grow Your Email List (PDF, 753kb)

Quick Tips to help convince someone to sign up

  • Make the ethical bribe useful and valuable
  • Add testimonials (for that lead magnet) to your squeeze page
  • Highlight the benefits of the ethical bribe (e.g. add ‘so that‘ to each sentence after each feature of the item).

i.e. ‘sell‘ the freebie to the reader. Make the freebie so compelling, that they feel as if they are missing out by not signing up for it!

Good luck!