How to set up a Google Analytics Web Tracking Code on your squeeze page

When driving traffic to your squeeze page using you may want to utilise a tracking service such as Google Analytics to monitor your ad’s effectiveness.

The Toolkit makes it quick and simple to add this ‘third party’ tracking in the page settings of your squeeze page.

  1. First, get your tracking code from Google Analytics by following the option to ‘Add the tracking code directly to your site‘ in their web tracking guide:
  2. In the Toolkit, edit the Toolkit page to which you will add your web tracking code.
  3. Visit ‘Page Settings‘ using the button in the top left, next to the page name.
  4. Select the ‘Tracking‘ Tab and then ‘Tracking Code in the Header‘ (this is important as Google Analytics tracking code only works in the page header).


  1. Place your web tracking code in the box labelled ‘Landing Page only‘.
  2. Finally press Save Changes in the top right corner of the editor to make the changes stick.