How to setup Facebook Custom Audiences a.k.a Remarketing on your squeeze page

Remarketing (known in Facebook as Custom Audiences) allows Facebook to identify the type of customer that you are referring to your squeeze page, so that you can target adverts specifically at people who have visited your squeeze page at some stage in the future.

Facebook’s guide to setting up Custom Audiences can be found here:

In order to identify the existing customers Facebook requires that you add a special ‘remarketing pixel’ to your page to identify visitors (This is step 2 of the Custom Audiences guide).

  1. Edit the Toolkit page to which you will add your remarketing pixel.
  2. Visit ‘Page Settings‘ using the button in the top left, next to the page name.
  3. Select the ‘Tracking‘ Tab and then ‘Tracking Code in the Header‘ (this is important as Facebook remarketing code only works in the page header).

  1. Place your remarketing code in the box labelled ‘Landing Page Only
  2. Finally press Save Changes in the top right corner of the editor to make the changes stick.