Why doesn’t my new image/information show up when I share my squeeze page link on Facebook?

When you create a page in the toolkit and then share it on Facebook, Facebook will fetch the webpage and store a copy of the details it finds. This is a form of caching. So the title, icon and description of the page appear to ‘stick’.

This is usually because Facebook has cached the information that previously described your page. This means that Facebook has saved a copy of the information so that they don’t have to look it up every time someone sees your post.

Since you probably don’t want to wait for them to check the information is right you can force an update of the information by following these simple steps:

1.) Make sure you save all your new page changes.

2.) Grab the link to your squeeze page from clicking on the ‘Use Page‘ button from ‘Your Pages

3.) Visit this page where you can control Facebook’s sharing information: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/

Facebook Debugger Step 1


4.) On this page drop your squeeze page link into the box and hit ‘Debug‘, this shows the information Facebook has right now (below), just press ‘Fetch new scrape information‘ to have them get up to date.

You may need to click on the button a few times (maybe 2 to 5 times) to force Facebook to reload the page.

Facebook Debugger Step 2


5.) Before you share your link on Facebook again, make sure you reload your webpage with Facebook in it before sharing the link. That will then force Facebook to load the new information you’ve now created.


Other things to check:

  • Check ‘Page Settings‘ and then the ‘Facebook‘ tab has the information you want to show. This is the information Facebook will grab when showing your link.
  • If you’re using the social media sharing tools on the landing page, check that the link that you’re sharing is correct.