How do I create a custom Thank You Page?

A really useful feature in the toolkit is the one that allows you to set up a custom thank you page.

For example, once a user has added their details to your initial squeeze page, you can create a 2nd page in the toolkit to:

  • Collect more information (by having a second squeeze page).
    • Advanced tip: data from the first squeeze page is passed to the 2nd page automatically. This means you can pre-fill the 2nd squeeze page form with details from the first if they appear in both pages. e.g. if you have first name, last name and email address in the first page/form, then had email address and phone number on the 2nd page/form, then the email address on the 2nd page will be filled in automatically once the user has submitted their details!
  • Having a sales page (e.g. to make a sales offer right after they sign up). This is usually called a tripwire
  • Or to encourage the visitor to sign up to your social media profiles…
  • Or to ask the user visitor to like your first squeeze page, such as in the Social Media Feedback loop.


How do you set up a 2nd page in the toolkit as a thank you page?

1) In the editor, go to Page Settings and click on the Thank You Page tab.

2) In the ‘What type of thank you page do you want?‘ drop-down list select ‘Redirect – to another page in the toolkit


3) Choose your new custom thank you page from the Redirect to this page: drop-down.

4) Save the changes!