Changing the Nameservers for your Custom Domain Name

This article is the latest version relating to setting up domains with the toolkit. Last updated 3rd Oct 2020.

To get your custom domain working with the toolkit, we need to make a small settings change with your domain.

Important Note: a custom domain MUST NOT be in use on another website, or being used with an email provider, otherwise these next steps will break your website (or email)! If in doubt, please contact the support team.

The name servers on your domain name need to be changed to the following :

  • and
  • and
  • and


These might help:

It can take minutes or hours for this to take effect and work with the toolkit. As soon as you’ve made the change, let us know, and we’ll keep an eye for when it’s ready and let you know.


The OLD nameservers

You might be used to using ns1/ servers, however, as of 1st Oct 2017, this has changed. Please see details above on what to do.