How to set up Lead Magnets – with MailChimp

This short video shows you how to deliver your free lead magnet or ethical bribe eBook (or similar) when you’re using the Squeeze Page Toolkit. Rather than using the toolkit to host your lead magnet, you use MailChimp to deliver the file for you. That means that you’ll only get valid email addresses joining your

Setting up the email/lead magnet sequence

Setting up the sequence of emails and lead magnet is actually quite simple. Although this diagram looks complex, it actually details the whole process of a squeeze page and sending emails, so it gives you a complete picture.   Red = what the visitor does Blue = what your CRM does Green = what the

Overview of how the Squeeze Page Toolkit works

The Squeeze Page Toolkit makes it really simple to create squeeze pages that can automatically add potential customers directly into your customer database. So here’s an explanation of how it all works. 1) Your visitor enters their details into the opt-in form. 2) The toolkit checks which ActionSet is associated with the opt-in form on