Custom Domain Tricks – Using the Root Path and the 404 handler

There are 2 more advanced features in the Squeeze Page Toolkit that are particularly useful when you’re using a custom domain. The whole point of a custom domain is to allow you to have: rather than – as clearly the former is more attractive and useful for your marketing. Trick 1 – Use

How to customise your landing page domain name…

This 8 minute 39 second video shows you how to customise the domain name bit of of your squeeze/landing/sales page URLs in the Squeeze Page Toolkit using one of two methods. Using the WordPress plugin Using a spare unused domain name Quick Jump Reference At 0:00 – The video explains how and why you’d want to

How do I change the squeeze page URL?

You can change the URL of your page by clicking the ‘Page Settings’ button and choosing the ‘Landing Page URL’ tab. From there, you can customise the URL of the page.   You can use numbers, letters and hyphens in the URL of your page. You can also use the ‘Create from Page Name…’ button