Below you’ll see some of the really lovely feedback that we’ve had from customers of the Squeeze Page Toolkit…

"A new money maker for us as a business…"

Thanks for providing us with the Squeeze Page Toolkit, we did one campaign this week – our first and we received 6 new orders to the value of £2300. We are very happy with the toolkit and it is very easy to use! A new money maker for us as a business.

Mark RoseBoosh365Managing Director

"This was a dream by comparison"

How the toolkit is helping your business right now

Yes – definitely! We’ve just undertaken the biggest marketing exercise we’ve ever done and the simplicity of the system and the ability to clone the pages has allowed us to tackle the programme in a more sophisticated way than would ever have been possible before. The multiple pages will allow us a considerable level of analysis that would never have been achievable previously, making it invaluable in planning future campaigns and spend.

Any numbers that relate to what you’re doing, such as how many people you’ve added to your database, or any sales you’ve generated recently.

The campaign was devised to bring people into local events to present the work we do. Integrated with InfusionSoft forms, we have already booked 200 people in and we’ve had to add an extra date due to popularity. There is still over 2 weeks to go to the final event and we fully expect to book close to 300 in, which is well beyond our original expectations. Our marketing plan must take credit for much of this, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the squeeze page technology which has allowed us to drive take up through email, social media and offline.

How easy it is to use compared to other tools you’ve tried.

Yes. VERY easy. We are reasonably savvy here with technology but not in a ‘techy’ way. I like thinks to be straightforward and intuitive. I had really struggled mastering other squeeze page tools – everything seems to be an uphill struggle with always more more element not quite functioning, lack of flexibility, no ability to integrate with InfusionSoft. This was a dream by comparison and I got the core page set up in less than half a day (from a ‘blank page’) and integration and cloning were super-simple. Now that we have a structure and know how it all works, future pages will be a walk in the park. The Squeeze PageToolkit tool has opened up a whole type of marketing that always seemed beyond our capability.

Vanessa Lanham-DayOn Track MarketingMarketer and Business Growth Advisor

"Made what was quite a daunting task relatively easy…"

I found the Squeeze Page Toolkit to be a brilliant piece of software. Not only was it incredibly easy to use and made what was quite a daunting task relatively easy, but has loads of extra functionality which gives you plenty of creative options to get a fantastic squeeze page.

I was also very impressed with the level of support and help I received from Dan in linking up the squeeze page with my CRM software. I would highly recommended the toolkit.

Chig AminEpsom Dental CentreOwner and Dentist

"The whole team gets so excited when they see our list of prospects growing each day…"

I’ve been using Dan’s excellent Squeeze Page Toolkit for a while now. It’s so easy to use, especially when we want to create a page quickly.

We use the toolkit to create buzz around our new jewellery collections by running special events for our target market. Our VIP events are extremely well attended, surpassing our expectations. Our first event (where we used the toolkit to promote it) attracted over 220 attendees. We’ve run 3 events since, and have even more planned in the coming months.

We are now using the toolkit to advertise our extremely popular engagement guide. The whole team gets so excited when they see our list of prospects growing each day.

The toolkit gives us exactly what we need to take advantage of new ideas and opportunities. We don’t need to wait for a web developer to create our new event page, we just do it ourselves.

We have a huge list of ideas to implement this year, and we’ll be using the toolkit to get them going! Thanks Dan.

Mitch LloydPetra JewelleryManaging Director

"Really can’t recommend this enough…"

Wow – what can I say the toolkit is just awesome. The training video says you can create a new squeeze page in under 17 minutes and they are not wrong! In fact if I wasn’t such a perfectionist that kept changing the wording every two seconds it would have been much less. What an awesome tool, and the WordPress Plugin makes it soooo simple to upload. Really can’t recommend this enough!

Jenny EatonThe Office GenieMarketing Genie and Deliverer of Wishes

"what you’re doing with the Squeezy Toolkit is absolutely brilliant!"

Just wanted to say that what you’re doing with the Squeezy Toolkit is absolutely brilliant! I wrote a very basic Lead Magnet yesterday following the suggestions in your ebook (the 78 min one), devised my first squeezepage and am linking it up to my mailchimp account as we speak, with a little bit of help from your lovely Alan

In particular I wouldn’t have had a clue on the mailchimp bit of this if it hadn’t have been for your v helpful video on said topic.

I’m not the best when it comes to e-marketing, but your website and support has made it possible for even a doofus like me to get something out there.

Sarah DecentModish

"The toolkit has saved literally thousands of pounds…"

As the UK’s leading Infusionsoft consulting and implementation company, we’re constantly building marketing funnels and automated campaigns for our clients. The Squeeze Page Toolkit has helped me and my team build dozens and dozens of landing pages, sales pages and survey pages for our clients. The toolkit has saved literally thousands of pounds compared to paying web developers, and it’s saved us hundreds of hours that we’d have spent creating pages ourselves. The landing pages that we’ve created look great, convert well and have gathered thousands of leads for our clients. The toolkit is a perfect weapon in our marketing arsenal

Adrian SavageAutomation Ninjas

"So simple to use, customise and integrate into our domain name…"

I’ve tried to build our own wordpress squeeze pages with opt-in form plugins in the past but they never really looked quite right. The squeezepagetoolkit is so simple to use, customise and integrate into our domain name it is brilliant. I built a page two days ago that took 5 minutes to build and after making a guest appearance on a webinar yesterday we had 28 brand new subscribers opt in for our list from that same page with a 37% conversion rate. Very happy and would highly recommend the toolkit just for the time saving!

Mat ButlerBusiness Video Experts

"I am literally in love with this squeeze page toolkit!"

I am literally in love with this squeeze page toolkit! I use to use Optimise Press but this simply blows it out of the water. It is so easy to use and I wouldn’t even go to say fun! Thanks for creating such a fab useful product Dan, it is making my life soooooo much easier

Emma MelhuishEmma Melhuish Marketing

"…one page has created £32,000 worth of business in 4 weeks for us"

This toolkit, quite frankly, is AMAZING. I am a complete non-techy (Dan, the creator of the toolkit, will vouch for that) and I can use it. AND guess what, one page has created £32,000 worth of business in 4 weeks for us. This is not an exaggerated figure it is absolutely exact.

Dan knows his stuff and has the patience of a saint, he has to deal with me – so he must have!!! I can sing opera and I can creatively teach and run a successful business but the technical stuff goes over my head.

My advice to you is – download his ‘Build Your List in 78 Minutes or less’ eBook, read it, plan your business out for driving leads and use Squeeze Page Toolkit to do it for you!

And if you are stuck – ASK him and his team!!

Jane MaudsleyLittle Voices Ltd

"I found the toolkit so easy to use…"

We began using Dan’s SPTK a few months ago to build our prospect list by offering eBooks giving information to prospective exhibitors. Having only just learned what a squeeze page was and being very new to our CRM, it was a daunting prospect! I found the toolkit so easy to use, the first squeeze page was up and running within a couple of hours (including watching several tutorial videos) and a steady trickle of sign ups began to come in. Just before Christmas we had two almost instant conversions – one of them calling us just 5 minutes after downloading an eBook from one of the pages! Both of these quickly turned into confirmed jobs, generating £19,000 of work between them. Not bad for a £20 per month investment.

The fact that the SPTK integrates seamlessly with our CRM (Infusionsoft) and our WordPress websites is just another bonus. Having control over the squeeze pages so that we can tweak and test them is great too and saves us going back and forth with a web designer to get what we want, saving both time and money.

Mark PowellExhibition Graphic SolutionsManaging Director

I am LOVING your product – so easy to use and to edit pages. I loved your tip about the Facebook sharing page and just implemented that on a page that’s not yet gone live.

Sherry BevanSherry Bevan Consulting

“It’s a fantastic tool – it makes it all so easy and made me feel really motivated!!”

Rebecca AdamsEuropean Coaching Retreats

"I can now create really swish-looking squeeze pages in a couple of minutes…"

I’ve been really impressed with SPTK – it is so easy to use, that even I find it simple (and I’m about as technical as a plank of wood) – I can now create really swish-looking squeeze pages in a couple of minutes, and best of all – they CONVERT!

We drive a lot of traffic from Facebook and Google Adwords, and whereas traffic to our homepage converts at around 5.3%, traffic to our SPTK pages converts at anything up to 56.11% – that’s a 957% increase!

Needless to say, this is driving down our cost-per-conversion dramatically, giving us a LOT more bang for our buck.


"If I had to reduce my marketing budget by 99%, Squeeze Page Toolkit would be the last thing to go!"

I don’t have time or inclination to learn code, and I don’t have the budget to commission landing pages to tie in with every marketing campaign. Squeeze Page Toolkit lets me design multiple pages and make changes in minutes.

On the odd occasion when I’ve needed help or feedback, I’ve found support to be swift, comprehensive and absolutely excellent. If I had to reduce my marketing budget by 99%, Squeeze Page Toolkit would be the last thing to go!

Phil JacksonBravo Hairdressing LtdManager

"an amazing data capture tool…"

I wanted to send you a BIG thank you for helping me with an amazing data capture tool. Most people know me as a “switched on marketeer”, but finding a way to capture contact information without needing a sales transaction is really tricky.

Your Squeeze Page Toolkit is by far the easiest way for me to capture data into my CRM! All of the captured data automatically feeds my automated campaigns too. This is invaluable to me, since data gathering can be very time consuming, but it’s converting the warm prospects into customers is what pays the bills. Your Squeeze Page Toolkit allows me to focus on the latter, now that I have used the toolkit to create an automated marketing funnel.

Even with just using the toolkit for a short period of time, I’ve been getting a really high conversion rate from my pages. I’ve very recently just had a sale as a direct result of using your squeeze pages too!

If anyone is serious about their marketing, they SERIOUSLY need your Squeeze Page Toolkit!

David RuddleBestOf EastbourneLocal Business Champion

"Adds a real professional edge to all of our landing and squeeze pages…"

It’s fantastic; so easy to use, extremely versatile and adds a real professional edge to all of our landing and squeeze pages, which was something that was seriously lacking with our previous software.

The integration with Infusionsoft is invaluable and helps all of our material to keep a familiarity about it which our customers love, we’ve had a few extremely successful testimonial campaigns run off the back of one of the pages created in the toolkit, so thank you!

Rob EscottBoomerang Family Play Centre