Current Status

23rd Sept 2021 – 09:37am We are aware of some issues with pages and loading issues, we’re working on it.


Previous Issues


Tue 18th Jun 2020

MailChimp appear to have blocked the SqueezePageToolkit app from using their services. We raised the issue with them and we came up with a fix that resolves the problem.

Tue 29th Oct 2019

21.54pm: We’re aware of an issue with a 403 Forbidden message being show that is affecting the application and all pages. This has now been solved. It was due to a server problem that’s now been fixed.

Tue 16th July 2019

We’ve had a report of 404 issues when logging into the system, which is also affecting some landing pages. This appears to be similar to the issue last July. This was due to a change where they forgot to update another setting. All sorted again.

Thu 26th July 2018

We discovered a 404 error when trying to login to the system. When talking to the system admins, this was due to a security change that they’d made, which accidentally changed the ip address of the application, and then the references to had then broken. They manage to resolve the issue early Friday morning.

Mon 9th Jul 2018

There was a slight speed issue with the system servers that affected how quickly pages loaded. This issue was resolved within about 4 hours, and things are working again.

Tuesday 24th April 2018

There was a problem with an expired SSL certificate for and which meant that some users saw “Your Connection Is Not Private” messages. This was an issue from around 12pm today, and was resolved at 7pm today.