Security Change for Infusionsoft and Squeeze Page Toolkit Users

This is a change for Infusionsoft CRM users who use the Squeeze Page Toolkit for collecting leads. As of tonight, Infusionsoft have enabled a brand new piece of functionality that could potentially break your lead capture when using the toolkit if you do not enable this setting for your Squeeze Page Toolkit landing pages.

This affects anyone using Infusionsoft with the toolkit. Infusionsoft has been implementing techniques to help thwart spam bots from hammering your Infusionsoft application. However, the change that they have implemented can potentially stop your Squeeze Page Toolkit pages from working, as they’ve introduced additional security functionality that’s not compatible with the toolkit.

The security feature enables recaptcha (that annoying graphic where you have to type letters), but this feature doesn’t work on the toolkit unfortunately. Therefore we need to disable that feature for the moment.

Whilst we’re working on some brand new functionality to replace how leads are collected using the toolkit, we do ask that you do the following on any web forms
that are connected to the toolkit in Infusionsoft that you’re using to collect leads.

This only affects you if:

  • You use Infusionsoft with the toolkit
  • You’re using your toolkit pages to collect leads (by using web forms)

Here’s how you fix it…

1) Double-click on your web form in the campaign that’s connected to the toolkit


2) Disable the security measure by ticking the box that says “Opt out of automatic bot detection processing”.

The training article on setting up Infusionsoft has the latest information on how to set up a form from Infusionsoft if you’d like to see the full reference.

(The full technical details of the change can be found here from Infusionsoft)