“Ask and ye shall receive…” – Asking your customers for referrals

Something that I’m often suggesting to customers is that they email their existing customers, and ask those customers to refer their contacts, friends and family. Referrals usually convert into sales very easily, because there’s usually a strong recommendation too.

As a result, we were asked by a couple of customers to create an easy Customer Referral Form in the Squeeze Page Toolkit (thanks Mark and Louise!). So we’ve done just that! 

New Referral Form - Preview


It’s actually very simple, and allows your customers to suggest up to 10 possible people. All they need to do is provide:

  • A telephone number
  • or an email address

Only one of those details is required, but of course they can supply both too. The only other required detail is that person’s name. We have added the opportunity to ask for the company name and “How do you know them?” as extras. Chances are, you’ll get that information too.

Want to add another person? Just click on the “Add Another Person” button in the bottom right.


So how does it actually WORK?

Once details have been entered, and the ‘Send Details’ button has been clicked, you’ll get an email with all of the details.

Currently, there’s no automated connection to a CRM like Infusionsoft or email tool like MailChimp YET. This was intentional, as the context of the answer to “How do you know them?” may change how you contact that person. e.g. if that person is currently away on holiday.

Since this is the first version of this tool, we want to see how it gets used before we add integration capability.

We want to hear YOUR feedback on how it could be improved.


How do you test it out?

The Referral Form ToolAll Squeeze Page Toolkit accounts now have access to the new tool, including the free trial accounts.

  1. Just create a page as usual, and drag the “Referral Form” tool from the ‘Social Proof” section.
  2. Use the rest of the page to explain to the customer what they’ll get if they refer someone to you.
  3. Once the page is created, you email your customers a link to the page for them to add their details. Simple!
  4. When you get an email notification, you can work out the best way to follow up with that lead.


What else should be on the page?

Use the page to tell the customer what reward they’ll get if they give you a customer.

You can do what’s called a mutual reward. This is where you offer the person doing the referring (i.e. the Referrer) exactly same reward as the person that’s been referred (the ‘Referree’). This means that there’s no guilt of any kind, as both people get the reward.

Just use the page to explain what’s on offer, and how it works.


Some ideas of what rewards you can offer include:

If your customers spend a lot of money with you, then be generous with what you offer.

  • A discount voucher or credit note
  • A free product or service from you
  • Gift vouchers for another company
  • A free box of cupcakes
  • A fun food hamper (I personally like YourHamper.com for this)
  • A gift to charity donated in that person’s name

Or something else that’s very simple to enjoy and redeem.


Want some help?

I’m really keen to collect some stories and data on how well this works for you. So if you’d like to test this on your customers, then please get in touch with me (Dan) via the support contact page. I’ll help you to set up a page to test with your customers.

Or you can just do it yourself if you’re a Squeeze Page Toolkit expert!