New Feature Announcement – Website Popup Boxes

We’re very excited to launch the long-awaited popup boxes feature in the Squeeze Page Toolkit! This feature has been particularly complex to implement due to the intricacies of how the popup works from a technical perspective. This new feature makes it extremely simple to collect leads from your website, without needing to know how to write code!


How it works…

  1. You use the tool within the Squeeze Page Toolkit to create your popup
  2. You copy the code into your website (and save/upload)
  3. If you make any changes to the popup in the toolkit, they’ll automatically show in the popup box.

If you’re not a techie, you might need help from your web developer/designer to install these. We’ll be creating some detailed instructions on how to use the new feature shortly.


How do you get access to popups?

This is the good news! If you have a ‘Standard‘ or ‘ProSqueeze Page Toolkit account, then you’ll get access to the popups as part of your account! There are no extra fees!

  • Agency Account holders = you’ll get the same number of popups as pages that you have in your account.
  • ‘Pro’ Account holders = you get 25 popups
  • ‘Standard’ Account holders = you get 3 popups


Do you need a squeeze page for this to work?

No! That’s the great thing with this new feature. It simplifies what you need to do for getting popups to work on your website.


How do I redirect my leads to a custom thank you page?

Click on the ‘Thank You page‘ tab, and you can choose a page to send people to within the toolkit or an external URL. Watch the video at around 1min 20secs to see what the tab looks like. So you can use this to redirect to a squeeze page or a sales page if you wish!