Getting more clicks from Facebook to your squeeze pages…

You can get more clicks from your Facebook posts on your Business Page just by picking a good photo for your link. This usually gets missed by business owners. I’ve seen so many images that are very poorly chosen, or Facebook picks up a random image from the page.

This tutorial shows you how to ensure that Facebook shows the image that YOU want to show, in the way YOU want it to be seen for your squeeze pages, so that you get more clicks to your (squeeze) pages.

Why bother doing this?

When someone shares a link to your squeeze page or landing page (which some people will), you want to ensure the best possible image is shown for that link. You do NOT want Facebook to pick any image it feels like. This is because the images it picks are often the wrong shape, size or inappropriate.

By telling Facebook what image you want to show (which you might design specifically), then you’ll maximise the chance of getting extra clicks to your page if someone shares a link to your page. This also makes life easier for you too, for when you share the link to the page on your own timeline or your business Facebook page.

In the video, I show you how to set up the Squeeze Page Toolkit to tell Facebook to use the image that you choose. I also show you how to solve a very common problem – when Facebook shows the wrong image.

In a nutshell…

  • Links (to squeeze pages) that have images = get more clicks
  • Better images = more clicks
  • You can tell Facebook what image to show when people share your page
  • PLUS – if Facebook is showing the wrong image for a page, I show you how to fix it.
  • (It’s really easy to do!)


From the video: