How Brian the Business Coach is throwing away money…

I have a friend, Brian.

He’s a very talented business coach. He’s extremely well respected by his peers, and he delivers HUGE value to his clients.

Brian is genuinely very good at what he does.

But Brian is throwing away money.

I know that Brian needs more clients. He would like another 6 or 7 additional clients. Word of mouth is working a little, but it’s not enough to fill those 6 or 7 slots. He’ll get maybe 1 or 2 clients from word of mouth.

Now he does have an email list, and it has a modest number of people on it. In the low hundreds. He does offers to the list to recruit new clients, however, that’s stopped working. That means he’s milked his list to its limit (for now).


So Brian needs more leads

Now if a prospect goes to Brian’s website, he has some extremely interesting and high quality blog articles to read. Brian’s articles are very popular, and they’re usually read as soon as he publishes them. I love his blog articles.

Brian has a contact page, an about page, the blog and a few testimonials. All good.

But that’s about it.


There’s no lead magnet on the website.

If I’m interested in what Brian does, and I go to his website, I can:

  1. read some blog articles
  2. or read some testimonials
  3. or contact him
  4. or leave.

If I like what he has to say, but I’m not ready to buy just yet, tough. There’s nothing for me. There’s no free offer, no eBook or guide to download. No free video course. Nothing.

So if I leave now, I probably won’t remember to come back.


The opportunity has been missed.

Given that Brian’s articles are really interesting and they get shared on social media, there are future customers who are leaving the website without taking any action.

In other words, money is just walking away. Chances are, it’s not coming back either.

The same is true for most businesses too.

What a waste!


So what’s going on?

If you don’t offer at least one lead magnet on your website, then you’re throwing away sales.

This is based on a very simple assumption. Not everybody who visits your website is ready to buy (yet).

You could have extremely high quality prospects visiting your website. But they’re not ready to take action (to phone you, email you, or buy something from you online).

If you’re not doing something to engage those prospects, you’ve lost them. Just like Brian.

As you know yourself, there are now more distractions than ever before (such as smart phones, smart TVs, families, work pressures, and more).

The problem with websites...


This is why capturing the name and email details of your potential customer by offering them a free lead magnet (that offers genuine value) is extremely important.

You’re creating an opportunity for a prospect to learn more from you, to engage with you, but without the commitment of phoning/emailing you or buying from you.

It’s a baby step.

A baby step on the journey of being one of your customers.

Many prospects will not phone a business until they’re ready to buy, through a fear of being hassled or sold to aggressively. That’s why offering a way for your prospect to benefit before they buy can really help you to start building a relationship with them.


The solution for websites...


In business, there’s always something new. As a business owner, you’re seeing lots of exciting new technology and tools appearing on the market, that are all designed to make it easier to acquire or keep customers. The Squeeze Page Toolkit falls into that realm, as the software helps you to create landing pages that collects the details of your prospects.

However, there’s always one massive constant. A healthy and solid business relationship is what gives you a sale.

This is particularly true when your business sells a service, but also applies when you sell products. Your prospects will buy from you when they trust you’ll deliver what you say you’ll deliver.


How to fix this…

Step 1 – create a lead magnet (a free offer that delivers genuine value to your prospects)

Step 2offer the lead magnet on your website (such as with the popup feature in the Squeeze Page Toolkit), and capture that prospect’s email address.

Step 3 – send emails to those captured prospects – a mixture of sales offers and useful information. Show those prospects what you can do and what you can help them with.

If you follow those 3 steps, you will get more customers!

Takes effort yes.

Is it rocket science? No.

By offering a (good) lead magnet, all you’re doing is starting a business relationship by giving first.

Brian, if you’re reading this, you know what to do!