The Squeeze Page Toolkit

The simplest most easiest way for busy business owners to get smart with their marketing, creating wicked landing pages and generate leads.

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Busy business owners LOVE the Squeeze Page Toolkit...

"I can now create really swish-looking squeeze pages in a couple of minutes... and best of all - they CONVERT!"

John Lamerton

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"I am literally in love with the Squeeze Page Toolkit! It's so easy to use!"

Emma Melhuish

Marketing Specialist

"The whole team gets so excited when they see our list of prospects growing each day..."

Mitch Lloyd

Bespoke Jewellery Designer

"The toolkit has opened up a whole type of marketing that always seemed beyond our capability."

Vanessa Lanham-Day

Business Growth Specialist

Why does "building your marketing list" matter?

You might have heard the expressions "you should build your list", or "the money is in your list"... well, the reason is simply that a database (or list) of your customer and potential customers can be the source of all of your sales in your business, both now and in the future.

Ultimately, your future customers are not ready to buy now. You still need to build a relationship with those potential customers. With most websites, a visitor can either purchase or leave. If that person is not ready to buy, then it's very likely that they'll forget about you and never return.

The whole point of "building your list" is about capturing that potential customer, even if they are not ready to buy.

Over time, with emails and direct mail, you can build a relationship with that customer. Effectively you're constantly reminding them who you are, and giving them multiple buying opportunities.

Knowing that your list of potential customers will eventually buy from you, wouldn't you want to build that list?

The Squeeze Page Toolkit makes it ridiculously simple to start. Perfect for smart business business owners who just want to get cracking.

What makes the toolkit perfect for busy business owners?

A preview of the drag and drop editor.
  1. Get started quickly - there are no hassles with setting up WordPress. Once you're logged in, you can start building your first page.
  2. Integrates with your CRM and email list software - no manual copying and pasting. The toolkit talks directly to your CRM tool so you can choose what happens to the customer's details.
  3. Ridiculously simple to use - you don't need a degree to use it. It's designed for business owners like you, not developers.
  4. Just works on mobile - up to 47% of customers are signing up via mobile devices! The toolkit just works on mobiles, meaning you're not losing customers.
  5. Really simple statistics that just work - so that you can see your best performing pages and see what parts of your marketing are really working.

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