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The Squeeze Page Toolkit is a super-simple tool for helping business owners to develop their list of future customers by giving you a way to create web pages that collect the details of your next customers.

What can do you do with your trial account?

  • Create up 2 squeeze pages - so that you can experiment with different layouts and designs.
  • Try any of our 9 different CRM integrations - Including InfusionSoft, MailChimp, AllClients, AWeber, and more.
  • Access the training materials - find out how to create your squeeze page in our training section.
  • 30 days Full Access - create your first page and road test it properly.
  • No credit card required - just enter your name and email address, and we'll create an account for you.
  • Instant access - get cracking within minutes!

"Wow - what can I say? ...the toolkit is just awesome...!"

"The training video says you can create a new squeeze page in under 17 minutes and they are not wrong!

In fact if I wasn't such a perfectionist that kept changing the wording every two seconds it would have been much less.

What an awesome tool, and the WordPress Plugin makes it sooooooo simple to get a squeeze page on my website. Really can't recommend this enough!"

Jenny Eaton - Marketing Genie and Deliverer of Wishes

"I can now create really swish-looking squeeze pages in a couple of minutes..."

"I've been really impressed with SPTK - it is so easy to use, that even I find it simple (and I'm about as technical as a plank of wood) - I can now create really swish-looking squeeze pages in a couple of minutes, and best of all - they CONVERT!

We drive a lot of traffic from Facebook and Google Adwords, and whereas traffic to our homepage converts at around 5.3%, traffic to our SPTK pages converts at anything up to 56.11% - that's a 957% increase!

Needless to say, this is driving down our cost-per-conversion dramatically, giving us a LOT more bang for our buck"

John Lamerton - FreeRacingTips.co.uk

"The toolkit has allowed us to tackle our biggest ever marketing project in a more sophisticated way than would ever have been possible before"

"We are reasonably savvy here with technology but not in a 'techy' way. I like thinks to be straightforward and intuitive.

I had really struggled mastering other squeeze page tools - everything sems to be an uphill struggle with always more more element not quite functioning, lack of flexibility, no ability to integrate with Infusionsoft.

SPTK is a dream by comparison and I got the core page set up in less than half a day (from a 'blank page') and integration and cloning were super-simple. Now that we have a structure and know how it all works, future pages will be a walk in the park. The Squeeze PageToolkit tool has opened up a whole type of marketing that always seemed beyond our capability."

Vanessa Lanham-Day - On Track Marketing