Using the Form Builder

The Form Builder is the easiest and latest way to create a form within your landing pages and popups. It uses the very latest technology, and we’re rapidly adding new integrations all the time. 1. The new Classic Form and Popup Form Within the Squeeze Page Toolkit editor you’ll see the following two tools that

How to copy a tool from one page to another…

You can clone a tool in the Squeeze Page Toolkit editor from one page to another. This is a huge time-saving feature. You’re likely to use this when you’re working on several pages in your account. Having spent ages getting a tool to look great, you’ll probably want to use it elsewhere. That’s where the

How do I change the squeeze page URL?

You can change the URL of your page by clicking the ‘Page Settings’ button and choosing the ‘Landing Page URL’ tab. From there, you can customise the URL of the page.   You can use numbers, letters and hyphens in the URL of your page. You can also use the ‘Create from Page Name…’ button