Using the Form Builder

The Form Builder is the easiest and latest way to create a form within your landing pages and popups. It uses the very latest technology, and we’re rapidly adding new integrations all the time. 1. The new Classic Form and Popup Form Within the Squeeze Page Toolkit editor you’ll see the following two tools that

How do I create a custom Thank You Page?

A really useful feature in the toolkit is the one that allows you to set up a custom thank you page. For example, once a user has added their details to your initial squeeze page, you can create a 2nd page in the toolkit to: Collect more information (by having a second squeeze page). Advanced

Overview of how the Squeeze Page Toolkit works

The Squeeze Page Toolkit makes it really simple to create squeeze pages that can automatically add potential customers directly into your customer database. So here’s an explanation of how it all works. 1) Your visitor enters their details into the opt-in form. 2) The toolkit checks which ActionSet is associated with the opt-in form on

How to use the WordPress Plugin

How does the WordPress plugin work with the Squeeze Page Toolkit? The plugin will fetch all off the pages in your account from the toolkit, allowing you to show a squeeze page on your WordPress website. There’s a little bit of set up that you need to do, but it’s very easy and simple to